Ané van der Walt

Ané completed a Graduate Diploma of Arts (with Honours) at The University of Sydney in 2015, and was awarded First Class Honours for her research. She also holds an earlier Bachelor of Multimedia and Digital Arts design degree from Monash University (2012), where she had focused on cultural heritage interpretation and visualisation. She is currently undertaking her PhD at Monash University, where she is merging her qualifications in archaeology and multimedia in order to investigate the use of digital technologies in cultural heritage analysis, interpretation, and communication.

Since 2012, Ané has worked on a range of historic and prehistoric projects in Australia and abroad, and was employed as an Interpretation Officer at several significant Sydney Living Museums properties between 2014 and 2015. Through her work as an archaeologist, she has developed skills in site surveying, manual and mechanical excavation, artefact identification and analysis (particularly lithics and shell), site recording, and community engagement. Ané has also co-authored a number of Cultural Heritage Management Plans for a range of stakeholders.