Matthew Wilson

Matthew is a Senior Heritage Advisor with ACHM. Matthew has been actively involved in the research and management of archaeological projects in Australia, Norway and the UK for 15 years. He specialises in the management of complex cultural heritage projects and has extensive experience of cultural heritage management in the resources, urban development, infrastructure and public land management sectors.​

Matthew holds a MA in Archaeology (University of London) specialising in archaeological methods and practice. He has extensive experience undertaking archaeological surveys and prospecting for archaeological sites using a wide range of methodologies. Matthew also has extensive experience managing and undertaking archaeological excavations with a specialisation in the management and excavation of lithic assemblage sites. 

Matthew has broad expertise in the project management of a wide range of archaeological projects. He also has extensive knowledge of intersite and intrasite spatial mapping technologies (GIS, GPS, Intrasis, LiDAR, Georeferenced Photogrammetry) as well as the use of GIS and other and predictive modelling in archaeological contexts.

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