Nick Buzza

Nick Buzza is a GIS professional who has been working in the spatial industry for over 25 years.

Nicks origins are in North Queensland where he initially studied and worked as a marine biologist for many years. After developing mapping skills in order to map islands and reefs of the Great Barrier Reef, he continued to work in the GIS and surveying field leaving his marine biology days behind him. He holds a Bachelor of Science majoring in Marine Biology and Zoology, a Postgraduate Diploma in Remote Sensing and a Diploma of Surveying.

He has a wide range of experience using Geospatial Technology in fields such as archaeological surveying, asset management, emergency management, health, forestry, mining, natural resource management and transport planning.

He has worked in Australia, Papua New Guinea, the United Kingdom, the Philippines and India on a diverse range of national and international projects with various government and non-government organisations.

Nick also teaches GIS and Surveying specialising in GNSS and the use of UAVs.