Ciana Scarff

Senior Heritage Advisor

Ciana graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in 2020, specialising in Ancient World Studies. Her thesis explored the ethical implications of working with human remains in archaeology, focusing on southeast First Nations perspectives and examples.

Ciana also holds a Master of Professional Archaeology from La Trobe University (2022), which included the completion of a thesis regarding the built history of Sydney Street, Kilmore. Her research provided a new database of information regarding every first known building constructed along Sydney Street, with the aim of providing additional context for future heritage projects by identifying patterns in the reasons for these buildings’ demolitions over time. 

Ciana has strong research experience and has been nominated for several awards in the history and cultural heritage sector, including the University of Melbourne’s International Museums and Collections Award.

Ciana is a fully qualified Heritage Advisor as specified by the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006.