Salvage Excavations

Salvage Excavations

Before the commencement of many development activities, It may be necessary to salvage archaeological sites or objects. Salvage is most often undertaken in accordance with strict approvals compliance conditions and may have a range of complex stakeholder requirements. As this is commonly the final stage in cultural heritage assessments, all the necessary scientific and cultural values assessments have usually been undertaken and all necessary approvals will be in place prior to the salvage commencing. 

Because salvage excavations are a complex area of archaeological practice that must be managed with particular care and attention, it is critical that the team managing the work are the best available.

ACHM have the complete range of equipment necessary to tackle any scale of archaeological salvage excavations. Our equipment is always safe and well maintained. For example, our custom built mechanical sieve has no moving parts, ensuring operator safety at all times. See our sieve in operation here. 

The ACHM team are highly experienced experts in the salvage of archaeological sites or objects of any complexity and extent.

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