Archaeological Assessments

Archaeological Assessments

In most jurisdictions, where there is a particular trigger or legislative requirement, an archaeological assessment will be required. This assessment will commonly involve the following steps:

  • A search of databases and registers to establish the presence of previously recorded archaeological sites;
  • Engagement with Traditional Owners and other stakeholders relevant to the project;
  • An archaeological survey of the subject land (pedestrian inspection), and
  • The production of a formal report for the relevant statutory authorities or representative bodies.

If archaeological sites are located, and harm cannot be avoided to those sites by the planned development then consent to disturb must be sought from the relevant authorities and further investigations will most likely be required (archaeological sub-surface testing or salvage). There may also be some residual management of any archaeological sites during and after development. 

Every jurisdiction has different processes and requirements which need very specific expertise. ACHM have successfully undertaken projects in every Australian state. 

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