Justin Beal

Justin is an anthropologist specialising in ethnographic heritage survey fieldwork with Indigenous groups across Western Australia, with most of his field experience occurring in the Pilbara in response to exploration, mining and infrastructure projects.

He has accumulated over ten years’ experience working for Native Title Representative Bodies, Aboriginal Cultural Heritage consultancies, university research units and in various research and coordination roles and has excellent research, liaison, cross-cultural and written communication skills.

Justin holds a BA (Honours) in Anthropology from the University of Western Australia (2004) and has also gained Certificates II, III, and IV in Horticulture (2017-2019) and Certificate IV in Conservation and Land Management (2019) while undertaking a Horticultural Traineeship at Western Australia’s State Botanic Garden, Kings Park. Justin hopes that his knowledge of horticulture and Western Australian flora may inform some of his future anthropological work as he has a particular interest in ethnobotany – the study of the way that people think about, utilise, and interact with plants. By extension, Justin is also interested in Indigenous ecological knowledge in addition to assisting Indigenous groups to protect their cultural heritage.

Justin is a member of the Australian Anthropological Society.