Our Projects

Our Projects

ACHM provides heritage management solutions and advice to a wide range of clients for their projects.  

Since 2000, we have sucessfully completed over 4,500 projects.

Scroll through a small selection of our projects below.  

Reeves Plain Power Station

South Australia, 2018

A cultural heritage assessment for the Reeves Plain Power Station on behalf of Arcadis.

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Apollo Bay Harbour Redevelopment

Apollo Bay, 2020-2021

ACHM were engaged by Colac Otway Shire to undertake Complex CHMP investigations of proposed foreshore redevelopment works at Apollo Bay harbour with Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation. 

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Glencore Aurukun

Aurukun, Cape York, 2016-

ACHM were engaged by Glencore Bauxite to manage the cultural heritage requirements of a proposed bauxite mine near Aurukun on the Cape York Peninsula, far north Queensland. The project involves extensive community consultation, survey, excavation and assistance writing company heritage policies and proccedures for the project.   

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Stonehill Bacchus Marsh

Bacchus Marsh, 2011-2022

ACHM were engaged by Devine Properties in 2011 to assist with the cultural heritage requirements of their proposed Stonehill development at Bacchus Marsh. Several Complex CHMP's were completed for the project, alongside extensive archaeological salvage prior to development. The location of the property in proximity to the Werribee River was a popular landscape for Aboriginal people prior to…

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North East Link Project

Melbourne, 2020-2021

ACHM were engaged by CPB Contractors to undertake the archaeological compliance requirements of the early works components of the North East Link Project  

Our work on the project included large scale archaeological salvages, historic building assessments and due diligence advice on a rolling scope of work.  

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East Grampians Rural Pipeline

Western Victoria, 2020-2023

ACHM have been engaged by Dunstans and Grampians Wimmera Water to undertake the heritage approvals for the East Grampians Rural Pipeline. The project includes archaeological survey and excavations along almost 2,200 kilometers of proposed pipeline alignment. ACHM are completing 6 Complex CHMP's for the project in collaboration with the Waddawurrung, Barenji Gadgin and Eastern Maar RAP groups. The complex assessment…

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Mitiamo Stock and Domestic Pipeline

Mitiamo, Victoria, 2020-2021

ACHM have completed several Complex CHMP's and amendments for the 450 kilometer Mitiamo Stock and Domestic water pipeline for Goulburn Murray Water.  

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Kiamal Solar Farm

Ouyen, 2018

ACHM have completed a CHMP for the 350 mw Total Eren Kiamal solar farm near Ouyen. Kiamal will be the biggest solar farm in Victoria and one of the largest in Australia when completed, and is the first project in Australia for the Total Eren group. 

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Mangoola Coal Continued Operations Project

Mangoola, 2018

ACHM have been engaged by Glencore to complete the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment Report (ACHAR) for the 1,000ha Mangoola Coal Continued Operations Project in the Hunter Valley. 

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Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

Gippsland, 2017 - Ongoing

ACHM have been engaged by the Gippsland Fire Management division of DELWP to provide cultural heritage management advice and services for their bush fire management team, This includes revisiting and assessing over 200 Aboriginal places, applying for Cultural Heritage Permits and undertaking CHMP's. 

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Mallee Catchment Management Authority

North West, 2017 - Ongoing

ACHM has completed a number of CHMP's of varying scopes / scales and a range of other cultural heritage assessments for the Mallee Catchment Management Authority since 2017. 

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Sandigo Solar Farm

Narrandera, 2017

ACHM completed an archaeological assessment and associated ACHAR as a component of the EIS for the 600ha Esco Pacific Sandigo Solar Farm in December 2017. 

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Finley Solar Farm

Finley, 2017

ACHM were engaged by ESCO Pacific to undertake initial due dilligence assessment of a large scale solar installation outside Finley in New South Wales. 

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Sandon Point

bULLI, 2013

ACHM were briefed by Norton Rose on behalf of Anglican Retirement Villages to produce an expert report for a matter before the NSW Land and Environment Court. The matter concerned the nature and extent of a particular Aboriginal place within an area of land and the impact on development consent. 

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Ergon Energy

Camooweal, 2009

ACHM were commissioned to produce an expert report in regard to an alleged cultural heritage site disturbance by Ergon Energy, near Camooweal in western Queensland. The matter was resolved as no site disturbance could be established to have occurred. 

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RAAF Base Woomera Airfield Extension

Woomera Range Complex, 2016

ACHM were commissioned to undertake an archaeological assessments of an area of land proposed to be used for an extension of the airfield at RAAF Base Woomera. 

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South of Embley

Cape York, 2016

ACHM were commissioned to complete a range of tasks on Rio Tinto Aluminium's South of Embley project, including community consultation, survey and salvage excavations. 

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Bruce Highway (Cooroy to Curra)

Gympie, 2017

ACHM was commissioned by Department of Transport and Main Roads to undertake a desktop Aboriginal and historical archaeological assessment of an area known as the 'Gympie Pyramid. Following the completion of the desktop report, ACHM were also commissioned to undertake community consultation and ethnographic assessment of the same area with the Traditional Owners.

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Pacific Hydro Yaloak Windfarm

Victoria, 2009-2016

ACHM worked closely with Pacific Hydro for a number of years on the Yaloak windfarm. Some 76 discrete Aboriginal archaeological sites were located within the activity area of the windfarm. Following a series of redesigns, the overwhelming majority (74) of the cultural heritage places were able to be managed in situ with only 2 places being salvaged. 

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Water for a Growing West

Victoria, 2016

ACHM recently completed a Complex CHMP and salvage excavations for Melbourne Water's 'Water for a Growing West' pipeline project between St Alban's and Tarneit. Approximately 700 stone artefacts were recovered and analyzed. 

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TAC and VicRoads Safer System Roads Infrastructure Program (SSRIP)

Victoria, 2017 - Ongoing

ACHM have completed a number of due diligence assessments and CHMP's for the $1 Billion Safer Systems Roads Infrastructure Program (SSRIP) throughout south-eastern Victoria. The project involves a significant investment in an upgrade to roadside safety mechanisms such as new and improved accident prevention barriers. 

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Victorian Environmental Assessment Council

Melbourne, Victoria, 2010 - 2011

ACHM were engaged by the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council to research and write a report on Indigenous cultural heritage and history within the Melbourne metropolitan area. The report presents a range of pre-contact and post-contact historical themes and narratives, derived from 30,000 years of archaeological evidence through to contemporary Aboriginal attachment to places within the investigation areas. A copy of the…

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G-MW Connections

Central and Northern Victoria, 2007 - Ongoing

ACHM have been a key participant delivering cultural heritage management advice and approvals for the NVIRP / G-MW-Connections project for almost 10 ten years. During that time, ACHM have prepared numerous Approved CHMPs and due diligence assessments for over 300 infrastructure construction sites. We have also managed the archaeological excavation, dating and repatriation of an important Pleistocene burial site at…

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Wallan-Kilmore Bypass

Kilmore, Victoria, 2011 - Ongoing

ACHM were engaged by VicRoads in 2011 to undertake Aboriginal cultural heritage and historical assessments of several proposed routes for the Wallan-Kilmore bypass, culminating in a CHMP for the selected option. 

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Broken Head Quarry

Byron Bay, New South Wales, 2015

ACHM Managing Director, Dr Shaun Canning successfully appeared as an expert witness in the NSW Land and Environment Court in October 2015 for the proponent of a proposed rezoning of a quarry near Byron Bay. 

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Sunbury Electrification Project

Sunbury, Victoria, 2010

ACHM were commissioned by the Sunbury Electrification Project Alliance to undertake extensive archaeological salvage works under an Approved CHMP and to prepare new CHMP's for the project. ACHM were engaged to resolve a major issue with very poorly defined Aboriginal site boundaries which were unnecessarily impinging on the projects construction envelope. When originally recorded, the boundaries did not…

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United Wambo Joint Venture Cultural Values Assessment

Singleton, New South Wales, 2015 - 2016

ACHM were engaged by Glencore to undertake the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage assessment for the United Wambo Joint Venture project. The State Significant Development project required an exhaustive Aboriginal cultural values assessment, which ultimately forms part of the Environmental Impact Statement. The report (Appendix 14) can be downloaded here. 

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Mt Owen Cultural Values Assessment

Hunter Valley, New South Wales, 2013 - 2014

ACHM was engaged to assist Xstrata (Glencore) with an Aboriginal cultural values assessment for the proposed Mt Owen Continued Operations Project. The project involved over 12 months of fieldwork and consultation with 66 Registered Aboriginal Parties throughout the Hunter Valley, culminating in the production of an exhaustive Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment Report for submission to the New South…

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Princes Highway Duplication

Gippsland, Victoria, 2016 -

ACHM have completed several CHMP's for VicRoads for the Princes Highway Duplication project.

Salvage excavations have also been undertaken by ACHM with GunaiKurnai traditional owners. The excavations recovered several thousand stone artefacts from the margins of Sheepwash Creek. 

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Western Highway Project

Western Victoria, 2009 - 2014

ACHM were engaged by VicRoads to complete Standard and Complex CHMP's for several stages of the Western Highway duplication project. The Western Highway is the major interstate link between Melbourne and Adelaide and is the key transport corridor for Victoria's Western District. An extensive archaeological salvage program followed on from the CHMP's. ACHM completed the final stage of…

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Everley Sunbury

Sunbury, Victoria, 2016 -

ACHM have been engaged by Capitol Property Group to manage the indigenous and historic heritage approvals processes for the Everley development at Sunbury. The site is a 206 hectare sub-division which will have 1,500 to 1,700 residential lots, a town centre, schools, sports and community facilities all located at the southern entrance to Sunbury. 

The challenge for the team on this…

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Box Creek Weir

Kow Swamp, Victoria, 2014 - Ongoing

Goulburn-Murray Water (G-MW) engaged ACHM to complete a Complex CHMP for the Box Creek Weir replacement project in 2011. Following the approval of the CHMP, works commenced on site to replace the dilapidated 100-year-old weir. During very early works, human skeletal remains were discovered. ACHM were engaged to manage the sensitive process of community and government consultation with…

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Mt Gellibrand Wind Farm

Mt Gellibrand, Victoria, 2009 - Ongoing

Located 25kms east of Colac, the Mt Gellibrand wind farm will produce enough energy to power 100,000 homes. ACHM were engaged to undertake cultural heritage assessments of the wind farm site by Acciona Energy in 2009. Extensive surveys and archaeological investigations were conducted, locating and recording over 200 Aboriginal archaeological sites. As a result, the design of the…

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