Fiona Sutherland

Senior Anthropologist

Fiona Sutherland has over 25 years of professional experience. 

Fiona has participated in and overseen projects which include the identification, recording and management of Aboriginal sites, community consultation, oral history recording, cultural mapping and native title research. These projects have been in the resource development and infrastructure sectors, for local, state and national government departments, for public and private developments and directly for Aboriginal community organisations. Fiona has developed a large network of relationships within Aboriginal groups across Australia and is experienced in working in urban, rural and remote communities. She is committed to developing mutually rewarding relationships between project facilitators and the Aboriginal communities they impact, including developing opportunities for work, training programs and capacity building within Aboriginal communities.

Fiona has also worked within the tertiary sector as a lecturer and tutor within the disciplines of Anthropology and Aboriginal Studies and has mentored dozens of Aboriginal students while they completed undergraduate and higher degrees.