Banjima Cultural Heritage Management

Date: 2005 - Ongoing

Location: East Pilbara

ACHM has been the cultural heritage management provider for the Banjima people since 2005. The Banjima people hold native title over some 10,000 square kilometres of the east Pilbara which is rich in cultural and natural heritage, including a huge number of internationally significant archaeological sites and the magnificent Karijini National Park. Significant iron ore deposits, extensive mineral exploration and numerous operating iron ore mines exist within the area and the Banjima people have major agreements in place with major multinational mining companies.

ACHM have conducted extensive archaeological and ethnographic surveys for mineral exploration and developments within the Banjima native title area, resulting in the discovery and recording of thousands of archaeological and ethnographic sites. Exploratory and salvage excavations have been undertaken on a large number of significant rock shelters, with archaeological evidence of the Aboriginal occupation of Banjima country extending back over 40,000 years.